Hello, Hello, Greets From The Bungalow
An introduction to the blog from Norbert & Gill 


Well hi there! 

Norbert Bransby's the name. 

I'm the resident in the last house on the row at King's Beach in The Merman's Mark. You'd know it if you saw it because it's the only residence with vision, but that's beside the point. 

And I'm Gill, Norbert's next-door-neighbour-turned-copy editor. Norbert's terrible at introductions. 

Oh hush up. 

Anywho. Normally I don't entertain visitors, but since Tara's such a friendly sort and she's had such wonderful things to say about you, I've decided to make an exception, I have! 
I was thinking long and hard about our new friendship, I was, and I came up with the most wonderlekker plan  for you! Are you ready for it?

As ready as they’ll ever be. 


What is it?

Why it’s beachfront accommodation, Gill! You know normally I don’t entertain visitors, but since I agreed to host Tara’s friends on this here blog, I thought, why not go all the way? Now when they come visit my residence, they’ll have a place to stay.

Norbert, you can’t be serious.

Of course I’m serious. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m calling it the bungalow.

That’s even less a bungalow than your shack is a residence.

Oh and what’s so special about your stucco cube of a spaceship, huh? With all those satellites and other such hoo-ha blocking the sunlight to my begonias, it’s an atrocity to both man and nature it is! Why its…

Apologies, friends. Not everyone in Tara’s book is as crazy as Norbert.

And I hope to hope not everyone is such an annoyingly backward slugbuggin as you!

Anywho, if you’re a sociable corn cob and want to come visit, the bungalow is waiting! 

Until then, keep well and garden greatly.



Not you! It's for Tara’s friends. I don’t speak with backward slugbuggins.