A Dung Beetle 
And the beauties of Steenberg Peak

At the start of the trail bush and wildflowers immediately enveloped us. We headed down the sandy path with a cool breeze at our backs… a perfect day for a walk. After a few minutes we came to a weird rock standing in the middle of nowhere, which looks kind of scandalous for no real reason.

I passed it quickly as there was also a large swarm of bees there, keeping my stride until I hit a small, fizzing creek that looked like the mountain was bleeding cola.

After the creek starts the gentle ascent to the top. There was only one part where the incline made me stop for a drink (perhaps sparked on by the cola creek), but I’d venture to say it’s not that bad for most people. During the walk I was passed by a circa 90-year-old man wearing ankle weights, so there's that. The steep part ends before you really know it’s started; then it’s back to a gentle climb the rest of the way. The path eventually comes to this glorious, beautiful, unsurpassed view of Cape Town in all her splendor. Gorgeous.

A pair of dung beetles crossed our path on the descent, which we stopped to film. They inspired a part of The Merman's Mark and can be seen making cameo appearances in my Tutankhamun post and The Making of Merman video. As mentioned many times before, inspiration is everywhere. 

Pack a hat or scarf and go on a cool day, for there are few trees to block the wind and sun, and ready yourself for a gentle climb and spectacular view.