Hi Folks, 

As you know I'm visiting Tara and Mr Omar for a while before she gets cracking on her next book, and today happens to be Mr Omar's birthday. Tara wanted to do something special this year. She's a huge fan of Charly's Bakery in Cape Town (as well as their TV show Charly's Cake Angels) so she asked them to squash Mr Omar's birthday cake. It's all really wonderful except now he won't eat it. 

AGH the suspense is killing me.... all that brownie-ish, chocolatey goodness from an awesome bakery sitting on the counter, and he won't even put a candle in it. He says it's too nice-looking. 

If his resolve holds I guess we could stick a candle in that crusty wedge of cheese dying a slow death at the back of the fridge. Seriously though, this whole situation is enough to send a mer back to Larimar. 

And in the rarest, most unlikely event a brownie can't fix a situation, the next best thing is a song. 


If you like it then you should've put a candle in it.  
If you like it then you should've put a candle in it. 

Oh oh oh
oh oh oh. 

OH! That reminds me. Do you have any idea what sound a peacock makes? 

Turns out it meows. Loudly. At six am. 
Like it did this morning. 

I suddenly feel like my primary school education was somehow lacking since I didn't know a peacock meows, but alas, it does, in a register somewhere between a cat and man in falsetto. 

Guess we're not the only ones that wanted to wish Mr Omar a Happy Birthday. 

Which, by the way, Happy Birthday! 


Inter-Blog Comments: 

John Lotkin  7 November 2014 14:54
Mr Omar has finally allowed us to cut the cake. 

John Lotkin  7 November 2014 14:55
Except we aren't allowed to touch the letters. Or the rackets. So basically we get to split three ways a wedge of frosting and cake the size of a postage stamp. 

John Lotkin  7 November 2014 14:57
He does know CAKES ARE FOR EATING right? 

John Lotkin  7 November 2014 14:58
Oh Silence, take me now. I'm not even sure a song can save me.