Happy Holidays

Inter-Blog Comments: 

Norbert Bransby  7 December 2014 07:22
What fish are these, Tara? They look kind of Christmas-y.

Tara Omar  7 December 2014 08:04
They're red-bellied piranha from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.
They're also in the book. 

Natalie Jane  7 December 2014 10:49
Pygocentrus natteri. A schooling, freshwater species of omnivorous fish native to lakes and rivers. 

John Lotkin  8 December 2014 09:46
Don't piranhas have a bad reputation here? From what I've seen people seem kind of scared of them.

Tara Omar  8 December 2014 10:48
That's mostly thanks to the travel logs by Theodore Roosevelt and popular culture.  You can read more about it here

Natalie Jane  8 December 2014 11:49
Not sure you did the best of jobs dispelling the myth, Tara... 

John Lotkin  8 December 2014 11:54
Don't blame the author, Nellie. You're the one that caught up to nonsense. 

Natalie Jane  8 December 2014 12:01
Yeah, I know. The fish were perfectly in the right. But still...

Norbert Bransby  8 December 2014 13:12
Well, I say one should never trust a fish in any case. They're a auspiciously suspicious-y bunch, they are!

Gill Ullrich.  8 December 2014 13:14
Not sure your comment makes sense, Norbert.

Norbert Bransby  8 December 2014 13:15

Gill Ullrich  8 December 2014 13:16
I'm your editor, Norbert... :/

Norbert Bransby  8 December 2014 13:22
Exactly. Nobody asked you.  


Friday, 12 December 2014

The holidays are just around the corner! When a tiny apartment called for a tiny tree, my rosemary stepped up and did the job. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas! 

Herb:  Rosemary 
Keep in mind this herb isn't happy in pots for long, so make sure you have garden space.:)  

Ornaments: Beads attached to wires / staples. 
I took apart a bracelet I wasn't using. Bigger beads are more visible but can only hang near the centre. 

Skill: Minimal
If you can squeeze a pair of pliers together, you're probably good. 

Patience Required: Some
It can take a steady hand to balance the ornaments on the leaves. Think of it as the equalizing karma for not having to run up and down a ladder a hundred times. Worth it. 

Any other ideas for a Christmas herb? Do share! 

Inter-Blog Comments: 

Norbert Bransby  12 December 2014 07:22
I'e got one for you Tara!
It's a Christmas parsley.

Gill Ullrich.  12 December 2014 13:14
That's horrendous.

Norbert Bransby  12 December 2014 13:15
DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER??????????????????

Gill Ullrich  12 December 2014 13:16
Blooming purple-leaf lettuce, from the grocer.

Norbert Bransby  12 December 2014 13:20
Oh please. This doesn't even compare to my parsley. We're going for happy and festive not puny and sad.

Gill Ullrich  12 December 2014 13:21
At least mine is tree-shaped.

Norbert Bransby  12 December 2014 13:22
So is mine. 

Gill Ullrich  12 December 2014
Is not.

Norbert Bransby  12 December 2014
Is too. You're just jealous my parsley has more booty than you'll ever have.

Norbert Bransby 12 December 2014
Tara, what do you think?

Natalie Jane  12 December 2014
Oh I have one! It's a polychete worm in a Christmas tree.

Norbert Bransby  12 December 2014 07:22
And in what kind of environment does said worm live? 

Natalie Jane  12 December 2014 10:49

Norbert Bransby  12 December 2014 13:12
I take it back. Gill, your lettuce is inspired.