So Much Fluffy
The new and improved Pen Three

Well, Pen Three has been reduced almost entirely to chicks and blues. Most of the adults have been released and lots of chicks from nursery have shed their fluff and graduated to the big leagues. 

I couldn't ask for a more beautiful pen to help with. Gone are the angry wrestling of my first weeks, now it's just shaggy, penguin cuteness everywhere. When I pick up one of these guys they just sort of shrug like, "Okay, I guess I'm being picked up now"... which is so much nicer to work with than the savage, yet much respected defensiveness of adults. 

That being said, even Penguin 118 (the only adult left) has lost his edge. He's still a bit feisty but no longer the manic beast he was before, likely because he had surgery last week. In addition to his wounds, his foot was once a festering boil of painful-looking crud. Now it's clean and healed. As the newest hour-swimmer he now enjoys bobbing in the water like a blob of black and white adorableness. Still can't pick him up well, but I can admire from a distance at least. 

So glad he's feeling better.