Fish Shortage
Crisis in the kitchen

Someone forgot to order sardines before the long weekend, which, if you read my earlier post, you'll know is a huge deal. How does one feed 200 birds with no sardines in the freezers? 

Here's the lowdown on crisis feeding: 
  • All penguins eating whole fish restricted to a two fish limit at each feeding. 
  • Chicks weighing over 2 kg skip their evening formula.
  • Whole sardines replaced with bait fish.
  • Fish tails, chopped fish and formula made from mullet. 
  • Fillets replaced with calamari rings. 

Ah, the bait fish... squishy, small sardines with organs hanging from odd places. The fact that these things actually appeal to anything must mean the situation is pretty desperate out in the open sea, or we're really spoiled for choice. 

Mullet also entered the kitchen with about as much grace as an unwanted hairstyle trend. It's a smelly, silver fish with extra fins and a tough backbone that left no one preparing food smiling. Perhaps the gutsy-filled mullet got an unfair run; after you've prepared your thousandth sardine it kind of grows on you like a familiar logo.  But overall the mullet did the job, and the birds survived another day. 

I dare say we're all excited for the gourmet sardines to be delivered tomorrow, though, birds and humans alike.