Food Prep from a Seabird's Kitchen:
The many ways to serve sardines

It doesn't take many days in penguin / gull food prep to appreciate this multifaceted, mealtime workhorse of a fish. How do I cut thee? Let me count the ways...

more vitamins
darrows (seabird energy drink)

1: Your fist (whole fish)- for penguins
2: Syringe (formula)- for underweight birds
3. Chopped fish smeared on a plate like a large pate- for gulls
4. Fillets scattered across the plate like a glittering mosaic (shiny side must be up)- for terns
5. Tails arranged around the plate like rays of sunshine- also for gulls and the occasional tern
6. Option 5 with a center of 4 or 3 if you want to be fancy (oh, so fancy), more likely if you have multiple species to feed