From Antarctica, with Love
A feathery postcard

Penguins aren't the only patients in rehab. The centre services all coastal birds, including cormorants, swift terns, gulls, albatrosses, gannets and, at the moment, this beautiful southern giant petrel. 

Native to Antarctica, this bird swooped into our hearts with the fanfare of an exotic tourist. Perhaps it's the fleeting connection it offers to that untouchable, snowy desert that makes this bird one of my favourites. It also adds a touch of drama being housed directly across from the nursery. I'm told it eats penguin chicks for fun. 

Much to everyone's surprise, the petrel is doing well here in this balmy, northern outpost and spends most of the day playfully dunking its head in the pool. When it's not doing petrel cardio, it usually follows the rehabbers around in search of food. A boat release has been booked to send it back home. With it, I'll be sending my regards to the snow.