Meet Cormorant 138
'The Escape Artist'

Every once in a while you come across a bird too smart for his own good, like Cape Cormorant 138. Known to all as 'the escape artist' this bird wriggles squeezes and flies his way to freedom several times a week. Yesterday he escaped from the covered pool by jumping onto a crate and pushing through a hole in the netting, despite being supervised by two people. Today he escaped from his pen by  squeezing under the wall into the adjacent, empty pen and pushing open the door. When we're doing the morning meds, he jumped into an empty box without being put there, as if he knew it's his ticket to freedom (we take the birds out in boxes and transfer to the pool so we can clean).  Creepy. 

And, he also seems to know when he's supposed to come back. After flying around the centre the whole day and chilling with the resident cormorants in home pen, he landed by the door to his pen at precisely 3:45, just in time for the 4 pm meds. It was still a mission getting him back, though. He ran around the outside of the pen a few times and ducked under the open door. Way to keep us on our toes.