Object 3: Do-It-Yourself Sickle

From what I could tell, food security seemed to be a big deal in ancient Egypt, a concern that extended even to the Underworld. Part of the funeral included the "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony, which allowed the mummy to eat in the afterlife. A dedicated contingency plan  was then put in place to ensure Tutankhamen never went hungry. It went something like this (written in hieroglyphs, obviously):  

Dear Tut,  
Congrats on being dead. We will bring you daily offerings for your enjoyment in the afterlife. However, as you know (or have recently discovered through your untimely death), sometimes things don't go as planned.  Should we at some point in the future fail to provide food, please see the following plan to ensure your continued survival.  
The Priests 
P.S. Everyone back home says hi.  


Eat the food provided by us through daily offerings. 

Should we not show up...

Eat the models of food left in the tomb. 
(Models = real in the afterlife)

Also kindly note that everyone, including you, 
is required to harvest food and work the fields in the underworld. 

Should this not be appealing...

Make use of the 365 ushabtis provided. 
(Small statues of you that will work in your place.)

There is one ushabti for each day of the year. 
1 866 tools have also been provided for their use.

Should the ushabtis be less than willing to work... 

Make use of the 36 overseer ushabtis who can force them to work. 

Should the overseers be corrupt... 

12 chief overseers have also been provided. 

If all else fails...

Use the sickle. 
Harvest your own food, fulfill your duty and don't starve. 

And that brings us to Favorite Object Number 3, the ceremonial sickle. It takes preparedness to a whole new level, and that's something I can get behind. Go harvest that field.