Penguin Handling:
How not to get bitten

Just kidding. You will get bitten, so much so that you will no longer see adult penguins as cute and cuddly. Instead you will see a really big beak attached to a writhing body of aggression.

- Baby penguins are still cute and cuddly.

People with years experience do get bitten much less. Their hand muscles are strong enough to calm the bird, and their skin is tough from all the pecks. Among us newbies, invisible cuts are talked about like they’re major battle wounds.

On the other hand, real cuts tend to be hidden because you don’t want friends to know you were beat up by a penguin.

Said: “Oh all these bruises? I wrestled a lion to save a dying wildebeest."

Reality: A bird no taller than your knee pecked at your arm guard.

In all fairness, I'd probably bite, too, if I was as short as a tree stump. And aggressive penguins have a better shot at survival in the wild, which is especially key for these endangered birds. 

Bite on, little one, bite on.