Today's Little Victory
Picking up Penguin 118

Well, I successfully subdued my first really aggressive penguin today. Number 118. Some penguins are complete sweethearts, 118 likes to run into a corner and strike at you when you try to handle him. After several attempts, I finally got him and was able to hold on long enough to successfully pass him to the supervisor for his daily meds. Talk about a major confidence boost. I mean I feel me taking on 118 went down about the same as an averagely-sized human wrestling a crocodile.  

Now he hisses and waves his head like a cobra every time he sees me, probably because it took a few tries for me to get it right. It's kind of a blur. 

Anyway, he's okay, btw, he's just really peeved. At me. Wonder if this was a once-off event or if I'll be ready for his wrath tomorrow...