Today's Little Victory
Standing up to Squee

So there's this bird named Squee...  a juvenile kelp gull and resident of the centre. And Squee is mean. So mean, in fact, if he senses even an ounce of fear he will run after you and bite you. Retreat is not an option.  So far I've usually just avoided him as much as possible, but today I held my ground. He was a few centimetres away from me, giving his usual angry call, and I didn't budge. It was like he didn't know what to do. His thunder was gone. He kind of retreated and came back again, a bit more puffed up and imposing-looking, but to no avail. I didn't press the subject by lingering, but I'll take it as a victory. After all the bites from the kelp gulls in ICU Pen 1, he was a lot less scary. 

Shame, it's weird to say this of a bird, but his eyes always look so sad. I hope it's just adolescent angst. Hopefully he cheers up some by the time he moults.