Make A Corner Bookmark
And show support for clean water

Printed Bookmark Template
Glue Stick 


Design Your Own (Blank Template)

Did You Know? Approximately 784 million people do not have access to clean water. That's why Tara and Billikens for Clean Water are partnering to sell The Merman's Mark for a limited time in support of their latest water project in Honduras. When everyone does their part, clean water for all is just around the corner! Print this bookmark and show your support, or learn more here


1. Fold along both diagonals so the design faces outward. Crease. 
Fold along the middle so the design faces inward. Crease.   


2. Cut along these dashed lines.

3. Run the glue stick along the white flaps. 

4. Pinch at the arrows on the diagram. Fold the yellow triangle down along the crease (away from you) and press together. 

Hint: if glued correctly, the corresponding coloured dots 
in this diagram should face one another.

5. Make sure the glue has dried before using your bookmark.