This gingerbread design consists primarily of two things: decorated cookie pieces and sugar decorations made from royal icing. The royal icing was piped onto a silicone baking mat and left to harden before being added to the scene. Add some candy sand, candy glass, a bit of caramel popcorn and some gummies, and we're good to go. 

If you'd like Norbert to visit you this holiday, whip up a batch of your favourite gingerbread dough, mix royal icing by the bucket load and get ready to have yourself a very beachy Christmas!

( ) Templates
( ) Gingerbread dough
( ) Royal icing
( ) Food colouring 
( ) 1 package of gummy candies or equivalent 
( ) Caramel popcorn, candy pieces or other
( ) Black thread
( ) Silicone baking mat
( ) Piping bags & tips (or plastic bags with the corners cut off)
( ) Bamboo Skewer
( ) Plate or tray on which to set the scene
( ) molten candy glass or melted hard candies
( ) light brown sugar or other for sand



1. Make your favourite gingerbread dough

2. Print and cut templates


3. Cut and bake cookie pieces

4. Make icing pieces


5. Glaze windows with candy glass

6. Decorate walls

7. Attach decorations to walls

Note: Icing pieces need to dry for at least 24 hours before they can be lifted from the mat and attached to the scene. Don't skimp! When it comes to drying time, more is more.

8. Make the popcorn palm


9. Put up walls 

Use royal icing to glue walls together and to the base. Work in sections. Support with cups or cans until it hardens. 

10. Attach side panels (optional)

These are strips of hardened icing to cover the seams (found on template). 

11. Attach roof (see note on 12)

12. Decorate roof 

Squares were made from broken strips of hardened royal icing for shingles, which were attached after the roof was in place. Alternatively the roof can be decorated with the walls and left to dry before being attached. 

13. Use royal icing to glue tree, fence and surfboards into place

14. Add sand and container plants

15. Pour candy glass sea

16. String lights along the roof

17. Attach palm leaves with royal icing

 And it's done! 

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