(in order of appearance)

Norbert Bransby: Humphrite herbalist and war veteran 
Lucy: Norbert’s pet Venus flytrap (a type of plant) 
Charlie: Norbert’s son 
Mildred: Norbert’s late wife 
Melinda: Norbert’s sword 
Marcus Schweme: a Humphrite shopkeeper with questionable practices 
Avinoam also called Avi, Silence and The Silent One:  the deity 
Loam, Crispin & Shirley: Norbert’s neighbours 
Lady Imaan: political and religious leader of Aeroth 
General Cephas: head of the Aaronite tribe and Saladin’s father 
Beatrice, Mary, Catherine: students of Lady Imaan (known as maidens) 
Liza Hart: Lady Imaan’s assistant and protégé 
Adam & Eve: the first humans of the land 
“The Leviathan”: the name given to a legendary mer who was supposedly sent to destroy the humans. Proof of his existence is debated. 
Gabriel Silbi: a well-known businessman, inventor and philanthropist in Aeroth, owner of the Zodic casino, friend of King Saladin, believed by Imaan to be the Leviathan in disguise 
Silver Seal / “Lapis Lazuli” / Treble: a seal who saves a drowning man 
King Saladin: King of the Aerothians 
Sargon: Saladin’s sword / walking stick 
Raphael Jahan: an exiled mer living in Faerkbërde, known for his healing abilities and his rooibos tea 
Patsy: a blue-ribbon eel living in Raphael’s moat 
David Michelson: a human with no memory as to where he came from, and later, a merman: a person of mixed race (mer and man) 
Mozart: Raphael’s pet bird 
Fred: a sea sponge 
Sergei: an Ibex guard at the desert outpost 
Ursula: pregnant secretary at Ibex 
Tristan: the head of Ibex Alpha 
Gertrude “Trudy”: a worker in Marcus’s shop 
Bellecris: a literate and mostly-overlooked willow tree in charge of making grocery lists, known as the screeving willow 
Kiwi: a cobalt-winged parakeet 
Fae: the holographic flight attendant 
Gilgamesh "Gill" Ullrich: Norbert’s Renaultan next door neighbor and author of Norbert’s biography 
The H-Gang: Harold, Harvey, Henry, Harry: Norbert’s band of cockroaches 
Stew: An honourary member of the H-gang 
Purples: Norbert’s PC (purple cabbage computer) 
Moai, Ahu & the tikihune: short wooden men that serve as Gill’s domestics 
Dominic: Saladin’s nephew, enjoys gambling and anything scandalous 
Eli: a high-priest and Lady Imaan’s great grandfather, abolished the priesthood in his time which Imaan restored 
“Tatu”: the name by which the tikihune call David 
George & Eugenia: guests at Gill’s party 
Rob & Margaret Vanderhill, Aidric: highbrow guests at Gill’s party who gamble with Dominic 
Baldric (Octavite), Renoir (Renaultan), Waldorf (deceased, Humphrite), Orlando (Theodite): judges of the tribes during the war 
Bertie Paulus: Theodite scholar 
Morne “Mo": senior member of ibex and regular gambler 
Petra Jakobson: architect, owner of Jakobson Limited, widow 
Yusuf Jakobson: Petra’s late husband 
Ralph Morgan: guard at the Zodic 
Arnold Plum: Zodic’s logistic manager 
Derrick: Harpies delivery boy 
Ivan Evans: senior member of Ibex 
Delia: a hairdresser and “neighbourhood snoop” 
Jia Li: businesswoman & purported smuggler 
Hiram: a differently-abled bronzeworker and sculptor, Jia Li’s son 
Wilhelm Schmidt: Ibex guard with questionable methods 
Squeaky: a sperm whale / “dragon” 
Philippe Du Breez: owner of a perfumery 
Francis "Fran" Gooden: principal of Stoneview Institute 
Wendy Solomon: a student at Stoneview 
Vah: operator 
Karina "Kajal" Kajalesca Ellena Nephatali: Princess of Larimar 
Silver Fitzwilliam: the jinn 
King Uriel: King of the mers, Kajal’s father 
Gerard Bundt (Lowveld), Tobias Skit (Midridge), Francois Thoreau (Highland): Advisers to the King from the three areas of Larimar 
Zahara: Kajal’s pregnant cousin 
Freddie: her late husband 
Maude: the royal fashion designer 
Regina: Kajal’s aunt 
Hongi: the royal pastry chef in Larimar, a female tikihune 
Wayne Dudley: the boss of the Central Docking Station 
John Lotkin: David’s co-worker and trainer, widower and single father 
Corkey: worker at the CDS 
Joseph Mandel: head of Merish Military Arms and Research 
Glen: researcher with Kajal 
Natalie Jane Lotkin: researcher and animal activist, John’s daughter 
Albert: Natalie’s pet octopus and lab assistant 
The Disappeared: highly-skilled mers who went missing before the war 
Rina Lotkin: Natalie’s mother and one of the Disappeared 
Rahul Jayadeva: the mer who orchestrated the disappearances of mers before the war 
Queen Aribella: once betrothed to Rahul, Kajal’s mother, and wife of Uriel, now deceased 
Florin: spins filament for David 
Constant: Zahara’s son 
Two, Zero-Four: guards in the throne room 
Boto & Breezy: polo dolphins 
Jeffrey & Walter: stablemen