(in alphabetical order)

Abyss: deep water separating Aeroth from Larimar 
Aeroth: the land where the humans live 
Brigadiers: a dingy hostel across from the Palace in Larimar 
Central Docking Station (CDS): the docking station for cloud-spinning spider crabs and a main entrance into the Abyss from Larimar  
Chumvi River: a salty river that runs through Faerkberde 
The City: where majority of the humans live 
Eula Grove: a peaceful place in Faerkberde where Raphael resides 
Faerkberde Forest: an angry forest that was once part of Paradise, kills any humans who enter  
The Gillypad: nickname for Gill's house
Ibex Alpha: a guard outpost stationed at the trench where the Oceana meets the Abyss 
The Kasbah: a stronghold built into the edge of the sky from the early days in human history, later became the Aerothian Palace. 
King’s Beach: A lazy beach near the City and previous site of the war. Home to Norbert and Gill. 
The Kraken: a challenging roundabout on John Lotkin’s commute   
Larimar: the land where the mers live 
Lion Mountain: a mountain shaped like a lion at the edge of Faerkberde Forest 
Marah Desert: the desert separating the City from Faerkberde 
Mount Leah: an extinct volcano and site of the Zodic 
The Mountains: where the rebels live 
The National Springball Stadium: also known as the Bowl, a stadium for playing and watching professional springball 
Oceana: the shallow water within the human’s territory, leads into the Abyss 
Okavango Polo Club: the official polo club of the Royal House of Nephtali 
Outlands: the seedy docking town and industrial area outside the Aerothian City 
Paradise: an island in the Oceana that is completely inaccessible and believed to be forbidden 
The Suez: a system of undground canals used for transporting valuable goods in Aeroth 
The Temple: the religious centre of Aeroth 
Three Corners: the point where the Oceana, Faerkberde and the Marah meet 
Zodic: a casino owned by Gabriel Silbi