Technology & Transportation
(in order of appearance)

Cyclapod: an old form of Aerothian transport that is manually-powered like a bicycle. Includes an outer shell-like structure, seats for passengers and a steering wheel. 
Blades: sword-like weapons that can change into different types of knives and bows by tapping it with a special glove that melts the metal. 
Adam’s Shield: a greyish-black band that when worn, makes the wearer impervious to injury. 
4-D films: holographic images, sound effects and smells produced to resemble a scene like a movie. When paused, the characters shrink in size and can interact with the viewers (as in Chapter 2) 
Pteroduck: amphibious craft used to travel great distances by air or sea. S-5 Phantom and LE Spectre are models 
Filament: threadlike substance that comes from the wrists of mers, can be spun into objects 
Spider Crabs: machines used for cloud formation 
Pneumataphore: merish boats used for individual transportation 
Jelly: a hovercraft-wheelchair that looks like a jellyfish