Tribes & Politics

The people are divided into two races:

Humans: (like us)
Mers: amphibious, human-like beings with glowing markings, hair, fins from the knee down and gills (when in water). Can spin filament (a thread-like substance) from their wrists, which hardens into objects. 

And live in either of these two lands:

Aeroth: the land where the humans reside  
Larimar: the land where the mers reside


is ruled by the King (political) and the High Priest (religious). Some matters are decided by the judges (the leaders of each tribe).

and is divide into the following tribes: 
Aaronite: warrior tribe 
Elite: priestly tribe 
Renaultan: refined, fashion-forward tribe 
Octavite: the tribe with a reputation for trouble 
Theodite: the scholarly tribe 
Humphrite: a simple tribe that prefers to be left alone

Collectively, they humans of Aeroth are known as Aerothians. 

There is also a band of rebels from all the tribes who live in the mountains and have renounced any affiliation with Aeroth. 


is ruled by the Nephtali family who produce the King and Queen The King/Queen is advised by the jinn (religious) and a representative from each of the three lands (political). 

The three lands are as follows: 
Lowveld: deeply rural, the area where economically-disadvantaged reside (Scuttlebrook is here)  
MidRidge: the area of primarily middle class (Ten-on-Farm is here)  
Highlands: home to the upper class and social elite
Collectively, the mers of Larimar are known as Nephilim.