Camping Under The Stars
at !Khwa ttu San Education Centre

With a landscape of lights and an almost continuous stream of passing planes, Chicago is not the best place to go stargazing. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a proper sky full of stars, and it's still pretty exciting every time I get the opportunity in South Africa. With the  help of the Star Walk app, we spotted several famous ones during our visit to !Khwa ttu, along with Jupiter, the constellations Orion, Leo, Virgo, the crow, and (easiest to spot), the half moon. 

I also brushed up on my fire-building skills and enjoyed the walking tour learning about different aspects of San heritage (bows and jewelry-making tools below). 


The people were very welcoming, and the weather was perfect with that fresh, clean air that just makes you happy to be alive. I absolutely love this photo below also, which I snagged on the way to breakfast. The expressions on these elands' faces: priceless.