Holiday Makeup

I'VE BEEN CRAVING really good hot chocolate of late, which is weird because it's getting warmer here. Perhaps it's the Northern Hemisphere upbringing. Perhaps its a deep-seated love for chocolate combining with the increasing need to stay hydrated. Either way, there's lots of cocoa inspiration for anyone also feeling the love, both on my character Pinterest boards and in the link below. 

The best cocoa I've ever tasted was at the Terzo Piano above the Art Institute of Chicago. Oh my goodness. It was like heaven in a cup. It was so good, in fact, my sister and I almost missed the start of the ballet we were going to after. 

Full disclosure though, it also happened to be white truffle week when we visited, which meant grated truffles on pretty much anything you wanted (which was basically everything except the cocoa). I am not a usual white truffle consumer, but I could swear those mushrooms zen out the brain. The world has never seemed so peaceful and good before or since then, so maybe the cocoa-centric enthusiasm was overdone. I'd like to believe not. In any event, whether it's cocoa or coffee, flat whites or lattes, I hope you find your heaven in a cup. 

Peace, love and all things chocolate.
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