The Searchers

Starry skies, golden gifts and smoky corridors, 
Eastern, kingly wisdom.
Lengthy journeys and ancient political intrigues. 
Deep hues and dreams and proclamations. 
Two brilliantly unpronounceable names 
And one that's just brilliant. 
A few camels, 
A dash of romantically gloomy foreboding, 
and some fantastic musical O's. 
What's not to love about the merry epiphany?

Star Searchers

EPIPHANY was customarily observed on the twelfth day after Christmas, 6 January, and is definitely one of my favorite celebrations of story. Whether you're more the modern, geometric type or of the lacy, traditional persuasion (or not celebrating at all), I hope your day is grand. 

Now, if you'll please pardon me, I have some astronomically epic karaoke to get to. Feel free to sing along. O-Oooooh... 

For the Lacies...

For the Moderns...

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