Science fiction writer

So, I studied theology, and no, I'm not interested in your moral choices. But I will always make time for conversations about the Hebrew Bible and Greek apocrypha, art history, Semitic languages, biology, physics, sex, and math. I am also an aggressive stalker of research and compulsive writer. I like colored pencils and imaginary numbers, good arguments, laughter and logical responses. I like making things, designing things, thinking about things. And doing difficult stuff.

And also composting. Because every good Midwestern girl knows her dirt.

A lover of fantasy and real-life adventure, Tara writes science fiction novels under the shadow of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Originally from Chicago, she graduated summa cum laude with an honors bachelor of arts in theology, art and international studies. Tara received the Karl Rahner Award for Excellence in Theological Studies from Loyola University Chicago and is also a member of ΦBK. She is currently pursuing a bachelor of engineering and writing