Thanks for visiting my blog; it's nice to have you! 

This is the space where I post adventures, book updates, art & style collages, videos, games and anything else that's floating my fancy. The newest offerings can be found in the posts section up above. 

And I have had some pretty fun times recently: studying wine, saving endangered penguinschilling in the frozen, French countrysideexploring Native American culture and Malay martial art, getting attacked by the ancestors (see adventures for more). 

Book two is also being prepared for publication (I can't wait to show you the trailer...it's EPIC), and I'm busy doing intensive research for book three while starting a BEng degree. Exciting stuff. 

If I haven't posted in a while and you're wondering, "Where's Tara? What's going on? Am I ever going to find out what happens to Imaan, David, Natalie and Norbert, or has she somehow flung herself into orbit and taken the much-anticipated sequel with her?" 

Rest assured, I'm probably just really busy with the boring bits...like studying and checking manuscript drafts. 

If you're really concerned (that's so sweet of you for being so), I'll try to keep my facebook page updated with check-ins so you know how far off book two is from landing in your eager hands. It will be sometime this year, I promise.   

Otherwise, there's not much more to say on the subject. Hope your day's going well, and I look forward to chatting more with you soon! 

Peace, Love & All Things Adventurous,