Thanks for visiting my blog; it's nice to have you! 

I'm really happy you've found my page and are taking the time to read this right now. Introductions are not my strong point, so please, feel free to drop a comment on my facebook page or browse this blog to learn more. You'll find the most about me in the aptly-labelled about section. What I've been up to is listed under adventures and series. Confessions includes the most biographical posts I've written; it's a pretty good place to start if you'd like a snapshot of the life that wrote The Merman's Mark and Rebel Fires

Speaking of which, my books are... I'm sure you can guess (...in the books section), along with extra content, reviews, and some of the research behind the writing (so much research...). I like writing imaginative, adventurous things colored with lots of facts and myths, so there's lots to look for if you enjoy subtle allusions to the real world (I tend to write a tiny, tiny bit explicit also, so take care; you have been warned). 

Otherwise, there's not much more to say that I haven't already said somewhere, so I won't bore you with redundant detail. If you're interested, there's lots more to find. It's been lovely chatting with you for this short while. I hope your life is filled with laughter, dreams and all good things. For me, it's wonderful to know that despite all the senseless, stupid, tough and tragic quirks life brings, we were able to meet for a brief moment and look out together at the universe; this real, beautiful, fantastical place the dust that makes us calls home.

Peace, love and all things adventurous,




Rebel Fires has just released to Amazon!  
(eBook soon to follow)